Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#7-The Re-decision to Use Hair Dye.

I pulled a leaf out of my sock. The backpack was killing my shoulders. Why had I decided to walk into the woods? Because Kaiti wanted to walk into the woods to find a rainbow. I didn't care about the rainbow. I just wanted my job back, and she was refusing to give it to me. Because of all the miscellaneous things I have had to do as an apology for not showing up for two weeks, I should probably ask for some sort of pay. Not that I needed it.
"They found that body." She stopped, checking a map with her compass. 
I dropped the backpack on the ground. At least the trees were shading us as it got closer to noon. "Are we looking for the end of a rainbow, because that's not actually possible. Science-"
"What do you think happened with the body?"
"I don't know." I rolled my shoulders. It had been what six months? Longer? When... had I stopped counting? It was enough time that I was near fluent in Russian again. "Could I get my job back. Maybe a paycheck? I don't-"
"Like walks in the woods? I think you'd prefer them if you had the right clothes. You always look ready for a formal evening." 
That reminded me of the least formal thing I owned. "Do you want a pair of pink socks? I mean, I-"
She held up her hand. "We're continuing. Pick up the bag."
I groaned.
"No complaining, Michael. Here you don't have to be worried about your roots showing."
My grip tightened around the shoulder straps, freezing. "What?"
"Oh, you just keep your hair so well cut, but I guess you hadn't noticed." She was smiling, hiding a light laugh. "That your blond hair was growing out."
No, I definitely had not noticed.... Maybe that was a good thing. I had finally forgotten who I was even with the occasional journalist. Still, I couldn't let my blond hair grow out to it's natural black, the press would jump on that faster than the murder party, so I would need to-
That blue hair dye was still sitting on my counter.
Grinning, I pulled the bag onto my shoulder. 
"We're going to find the end of that rainbow?" 
"Yes, Michael." Kaiti nodded. "Then I suggest you mop the floor of the laundromat tomorrow."

So I got my job

and a little show of change
with an opened box.

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