Monday, May 15, 2017

#9- Ringing Bells

So Banks told me she could hear my playing through the walls. I'd been playing less frequently, saying it was so she could have quiet. 
I stared out the window, of my apartment, considering moving. Going back to my old life. I don't know. The Ikea scare had reminded me of something I had tried so hard to forget. 
I wasn't going to get away from my past, not really. 
My phone ringed. I continued to stare out the window. Maybe I could go school again. Study music. I laughed. No. I'd stay here. I'd get to know the people I'd been ignoring. 
My phone beeped. 
"Hey, Michael, it's your mother. Your father and I were wondering...."
I tuned out the voicemail. I stared at the girl running across the street. She hadn't even looked both ways. At least she was easily noticeable, and it wasn't dark. The car would be able to see her in time.
The phone beeped marking the message's end, but the sound disappeared into the bells. Ringing bells. My gaze turned back to the running girl, my heart sinking, hoping it wasn't her. 

But the car didn't stop.

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